Don’t settle for less when your goals are still out of reach. Our special course is your fast track to the results you desire. Together, we’ll enhance your scores in the sections that need the most. Boosting Your Score includes one-on-one sessions and personalized study materials crafted for you. Your success is closer than you think, so seize this opportunity to make it a reality.

Price: US$230



Boosting Your Score includes 6 weeks of access to:

Personalized Guidance: 3 one-on-one sessions

These sessions are tailored to your specific needs, helping you identify and overcome your weaknesses. Choose the language that suits you best – Portuguese, Spanish, or English. We understand the importance of flexibility, so our individual online sessions won’t interfere with your work or study schedule.

Practice Platform

Familiarize yourself with the test through our practice platform, featuring over 3000 real exam questions. It simulates the exam environment and provides detailed explanations for every question. Plus, you can access model audios to enhance your learning experience.

Section & Full Mock Tests

Sharpen your skills with our section and full mock tests. These simulated exams help you gain the confidence you need for the actual test day. You will have access to a total of 8 Section Mock Tests and 2 Full Mock Tests

Exclusive Smart Techniques

Gain access to our treasure trove of PTE secrets. Our techniques, templates, and tips will help you maximise your score. We’ll guide you through a clear and straightforward study method, so you study smart, not hard.

Smart Community

Gain access to our dedicated forum, a platform where you can post your questions, and receive expert answers from Andressa herself. It’s your direct line of guidance and support.

Daily Study Plan

Get a structured approach with our daily study plans. These straightforward schedules help you manage your time effectively, making learning a breeze.

Let's go together!
Don't give up, decide on PTE Smart
by Andressa Hennies

Andressa was extremely supportive and helpful. During her personalized classes, she helped me understand where I needed to improve to reach my score.
colombia pte testAntonio Rodríguez
Andressa was essential in order to boost my skills and also my confidence. She helped me understand better how the test works giving me important tips.
colombia pte testLouise Viega
Andressa has a unique way of teaching PTE. Her method and support in the classes were the keys to improve my score. I highly recommend her course.
colombia pte test Martín Muñoz