Frequently Asked Questions

We have different alternatives to suit different needs. Therefore, our programs range from single classes to intensive courses. If you have had a look at the different options and you are still in doubt about the course you should enrol in, please contact us. We will advise you on the type of preparation you need according to your proficiency in the language and your knowledge of the test.
No. Our courses are designed for any proficiency level and any desired score, from +36 to +79 points across all 4 bands. You will learn, in your chosen language, all the techniques you need to ace your test.
We do not focus our courses on teaching English. Although we have some materials to improve vocabulary and grammar, we center our method on proven techniques that will help you ace the PTE test effectively.
No. If you know nothing about PTE, with our Coaching Course, you will learn absolutely everything you need to know about it. As a result, you will learn from the structure of the test to the things you need to do during the test day.
The core of our courses is to give our students a personalized approach to their preparation. We will work together to find your weak areas and overcome them by applying the best techniques and following your personalized study plan.
Over 80% of the students who have taken our courses have achieved the score they were looking for on the first try.
Our purpose is to help you achieve the score you need so that you can keep chasing after your dreams. For that reason, we have created a method that focuses on the individual needs of our students to guide them through the entire preparation process.
We take your preparation seriously. That’s why over 80% of the students who have taken our courses have achieved the score they were looking for on the first try.
he number of hours you need to dedicate to your preparation may vary depending on the score you are aiming for and your proficiency level. However, we recommend studying 2 to 3 hours per day. With our study plans, we will show you the most efficient way to use that time daily.
With our courses, you will have all the tools you need to achieve your desired score on the PTE Academic test. However, we cannot guarantee that you will achieve the score you need with absolute certainty. From our experience, if you are determined and committed to your preparation, you will have very high chances to succeed.
Over 80% of all of our students have achieved their desired score on the first try, but this percentage increases along with the students that dedicate enough hours to practice and follow all our instructions.
We have available schedules at different times so our students can secure the spot that best suits them according to their needs. You can book your classes during weekdays (from Monday to Friday) in two blocks of time: from 7:00 am – 10:00 am and from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm GMT+11 – NSW time.
All our courses have a different duration, varying from 3 to 12 weeks. We link the duration of the course to its structure, which is based on different student profiles. For instance, if you have taken the test before and you are just a couple of points away from your aim, most likely, you wouldn’t need to take the intensive course.
During the lifespan of the course, you will have full access to its features. Once your course ends, your access to the platform will be withdrawn, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You can renew your subscription to keep having access to our most important documents and our practice materials with a special discount.