Discover how Andressa's PTE Smart method was created

Andressa Hennies PTE Smart - Discover the method

Before I share how I created the PTE Smart method, I want to tell you something. Just like you, I also doubted if I could face a proficiency test and achieve the results I needed to attain my goal: a permanent residency in Australia.

Over 6 years ago, I came to Australia. Despite how difficult it was to leave my family and work long shifts in jobs that I never enjoyed, I fell in love with the opportunities the country offered me and I realized I wanted to stay. Once I was completely sure of my decision to become a resident, I asked myself a question. Probably the same question you asked yourself as well. How can I stay permanently in Australia?

Becoming a chef in Australia was my way of approaching my dream of being a resident, but before that, I had to establish my proficiency in English. I tried other tests than PTE with little success. Then, after listening to the wonderful experiences that my friends had with the test, I decided PTE was the right path for me.

I invested more than AUD$ 2,000 in different preparation courses where I learned some techniques, but I faced two great difficulties: class schedules and little customization of the method. Despite these challenges, I developed my own study method based on the preparation techniques I learned, which helped me score 90 points in each band.

Thanks to the perfect result I got, the last institute I studied in asked me to teach some of their classes. There, I discovered that most people also struggle with the classroom method, which led me to my decision to perfect my PTE Smart method so that I can share it with other people like you.

PTE Smart brings together everything I learned in my preparation courses, my personal results, and the continuous improvement of the techniques that I have tried in recent years with each of the attendees of my courses. My method has been tested by over 600 students where, thanks to the commitment of our assistants and the fulfilment of the study plan, about 80% of those who take the course achieve and meet their aim in their first attempt. 

PTE Smart is not about the number of lessons you take or how many hours you spend racking your brains, but about how you learn in the most effective way and how you can apply the best techniques in order to get the results you need to fulfil your dreams in Australia.

Seize the moment and take the next step! With the PTE Smart method, I will show you that the exam is not the terrifying monster you imagine it to be and that with a little effort and a well-defined plan, your dreams are just in the palm of your hands. 

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