Mastering PTE Summarize Spoken Text: Tips and Techniques


If you are preparing for the PTE Academic exam, one section that demands your listening and writing skills is the “Summarize Spoken Text.” 

In this task, your objective is to listen to an audio clip and write a summary within a specified word limit of 50 to 70 words. You will find this task in the Listening section, but it will also impact your writing score.

Let’s dive into the specifics and explore techniques to excel in this challenging yet important section.


Understanding the Basics


The Scoring Breakdown


Achieving success in PTE Summarize Spoken Text involves mastering multiple aspects. You are evaluated on content (2 pts), word limit (2 pts), vocabulary (2 pts), spelling (2 pts), and grammar (2 pts). Each component contributes significantly to your overall performance.


The Question Structure


Expect 1 to 2 questions in this category, and you have a 10-minute window to provide your responses for each one. The catch is, you can’t use too many words; be precise since you can only write between 50 and 70 words.


Check out how the Summarize Spoken Text will be presented to you on the exam.


Key Techniques for Success


Active Listening with Keywords


As you listen to the audio, focus on extracting keywords, which are primarily nouns. Pay attention to subjects, but don’t overlook adjectives, numbers, and main verbs. These keywords will be the foundation of your summary.


Analyzing Your Notes


Recognize that content contributes two crucial points to your score. Aim to secure at least one point to avoid failure. Post-practice, meticulously analyze the notes you took. This continual reflection will refine your note-taking strategy over time.


Crafting an Effective Summary


Utilizing a Template


Begin your summary with a template to ensure a structured response. Emphasize the main points and steer clear of unnecessary details. Remember, brevity is key.


We are providing the initial part of a template that has been used for hundreds of students and proven functional. If you want access to this full template and others, enroll in one of our preparation courses.


“In this lecture, the speaker discussed major information about KEYWORD. According to the speaker, the connection between KEYWORD, KEYWORD and KEYWORD is important. Moreover, it was mentioned that KEYWORD, KEYWORD and KEYWORD are relevant to the topic.”


Tips for Success


Efficient Note-Taking


Practicing your note-taking will be crucial for this exercise. Prioritize speed and simplicity when jotting down notes. You can write directly on the computer or on the laminated paper you will receive in the exam.


Grasping the Overall Meaning


Your focus should be on grasping the overall message of the audio. Avoid delving into intricate examples and explanations. Stick to the big picture.


Check for Accuracy


Allocate 2 to 3 minutes at the end to review your response. Pay meticulous attention to grammar and spelling, as errors can cost you valuable points.


Stick to the Word Count


If you don’t keep your text within the word limit, you will automatically lose two points in this exercise for something that should be easy, so don’t make this mistake.


Professional guidance for the PTE Academic


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