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Common Mistakes When Taking the PTE Academic Speaking Module
February 19, 2024
Common Mistakes When Taking the PTE Academic Speaking Module

Navigating through the PTE Academic exam can be challenging, especially when certain common errors hinder your performance in your speaking module. Let's explore three common mistakes students often encounter and how to overcome them: Fluency x Pronunciation at PTE Academic

January 15, 2024
Master the PTE Speaking Test: Essential Tips for Avoiding Common Mistakes

Unlock success in your PTE Speaking Test with our expert tips. Learn how important (or not!)  pronunciation and content are for an impressive performance in the PTE Academic. Are you ready for the journey of mastering the Speaking Test in

December 11, 2023
PTE Read Aloud Made Simple: Your Key to Success!

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a comprehensive assessment tool designed for individuals aiming to study, work, or immigrate to English-speaking countries. Separated into three parts— Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening —the PTE is a computer-based test that

repeat the sentence pte
December 23, 2022
PTE Repeat Sentence Practice and Tips

PTE Repeat Sentence is one of the most important questions in the exam. Many people may not know this, but not all questions in the PTE Academic Test hold the same weight scorewise. In fact, many of them barely make

October 25, 2022
Tips for the PTE Speaking test

The PTE Academic has 3 different parts to it. Part 1 is Speaking and Writing, part 2 is Reading and part 3 is Listening. A lot of people find the Speaking section the most difficult one because it involves talking

people improving speaking skills
June 28, 2022
How can i improve my speaking skills

How can I improve my speaking skills?   How can you get better at finding the right vocabulary to express an idea, putting the words in the correct structure while also worrying about the correct pronunciation and intonation to use