Common Mistakes When Taking the PTE Academic Speaking Module

Common Mistakes When Taking the PTE Academic Speaking Module

Navigating through the PTE Academic exam can be challenging, especially when certain common errors hinder your performance in your speaking module. Let’s explore three common mistakes students often encounter and how to overcome them:

Fluency x Pronunciation at PTE Academic Speaking Module

In the Speaking Module, many students overly focus on pronunciation, which can disrupt the natural flow of learning. Fluency matters more than pronunciation accuracy. Prioritize fluency to achieve a higher score in the PTE test. This means saying the words as naturally and fluently as possible even when you’re unsure about the correct pronunciation.

Stretching Words

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Also in the Speaking Module of your PTE Academic, stretching words to remember the rest of the sentence or to recall the template will impact your fluency and will result in a lower Speaking score. Once again, don’t worry about getting the content right, it’s more important to keep speaking fluently than to remember all the words accurately.

Describe Image

The Speaking exercise “Describe Image” asks you to describe an image in 40 seconds. Spending the entire 40 seconds describing an image may seem necessary, but it’s not. You only need a minimum of 25 seconds. Find simple words to fit the template and move on once you’ve covered the basics.

By avoiding these common mistakes at your PTE Academic Speaking Module and implementing effective strategies, you can navigate the exam more confidently and improve your chances of success. Practice mindful preparation and approach each section strategically to maximize your score potential.

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