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studying for the write from dictation
November 14, 2023
PTE Academic’s ‘Write from Dictation’: Tips for Success

If you're getting ready for the PTE Academic, you've probably figured out that it's better to focus on certain question types instead of trying to be a master of all trades. That's because the PTE has its own scoring system

pte listening section tips
July 31, 2023
PTE Academic Listening Section: Top Tips for Success

The PTE Academic Listening section is a crucial part of the exam, lasting 30-43 minutes and consisting of eight diverse question types. Candidates are presented with audio or video clips that play automatically and are allowed to take notes during

two ladies studying to improve listening skills with pte academic
May 18, 2022
How can I improve my listening skills?

How can I improve my listening skills?   Let’s say you have been learning English for a while now. Yet, when talking to a native English speaker, you get that (very) uncomfortable feeling that they are speaking Russian – or