PTE Repeat Sentence Practice and Tips

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PTE Repeat Sentence is one of the most important questions in the exam. Many people may not know this, but not all questions in the PTE Academic Test hold the same weight scorewise. In fact, many of them barely make a difference on your score. However, Repeat Sentence is not one of them.

What’s the score like for Repeat Sentence?

This question will give you points for Speaking and Listening, as you will have to listen to a sentence and repeat it. There are 10 to 12 questions and 13 points in total: 5 for fluency, 5 for pronunciation and 3 for content. Don’t forget that Repeat Sentence greatly impacts your Listening score as well.

Get familiarized with the screen and format

For every question in the PTE, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the screen and with the question itself, so you don’t waste time reading titles and trying to figure out what to do. In PTE Repeat Sentence, you will hear a 3-9 second sentence and you immediately have to repeat it in 15 seconds max.

Focus on fluency rather than the content

Because of the way this question is scored, the best thing for you to do is to pay attention to your fluency rather than repeating all the words you heard. As long as you get just over 50% of the sentence right and speak in a fluent and natural manner, this will be enough to get a good score.

What parts of the sentence should I repeat?

Since we’ve established you don’t have to repeat the entire sentence, which parts should you repeat? The answer is: it doesn’t matter! You can repeat any part of the sentence, even random words that are not together, as long as you keep your fluency and make sure to repeat 50% of it.

Don’t try to focus on absolutely everything

While you’re studying, find out which part of the sentence is easier for you to focus on, and proceed to focus on that. Since you don’t have to repeat the whole thing, there’s no point in trying to remember the whole thing. Therefore, you should make your life easier by simplifying the exercise.

Should I take notes while listening to the audio?

It really depends on what works best for you. Because the audios aren’t very long and there’s no time between the audio and your answer, most people find it hard to take notes. However, each person can have a different technique that works best for them, so give it a try when studying!

Practice, practice, practice!

As it is with most of the questions in the PTE, the best thing for you to do is practice. Do practice questions, take mock tests and enroll on a course so you can get the best tips and prepare yourself in the best way. These are just some of the strategies for you to do well on PTE Repeat Sentence.

Let’s try it out together now!

Remember all the tips you read in this article and try answering this real Repeat Sentence question!

Repeat Sentence 1:

Repeat Sentence 2:

Repeat Sentence 3:

Could you do it?