Most important PTE questions!

PTE most important questions

For individuals aiming to achieve their dreams of studying or working abroad, excelling in the Pearson Test of English (PTE) is often the key to unlocking those opportunities. PTE has many types of questions, but not all of them are scored equal. We will guide you through the most important PTE questions that can significantly impact your score.


Read Aloud:


One of the pillars of the PTE exam, the “Read Aloud” question demands that you read a text aloud as naturally and clearly as possible. This question evaluates both your speaking and reading abilities.


  • 5 points for fluency
  • 5 points for pronunciation
  • 5 points for content


Number of Questions: 6 to 7 questions
Preparation Time:
40 seconds
Time to Answer: 40 seconds


Repeat Sentence:


In the “Repeat Sentence” question, you will listen to a sentence and then have to repeat what you just heard. This question assesses your speaking and listening skills.


  • 5 points for fluency
  • 5 points for pronunciation
  • 3 points for content


Number of Questions: 10 to 12 questions
Preparation Time: 3 – 5 seconds
Time to Answer: 9 seconds


Smart tip: As pronunciation and fluency are more important than the content itself in this question, you can use the technique of repeating only 50% of the phrase, which will still earn you a high score.


Fill in the Blanks – Reading and Writing:


In this question, you’ll encounter a text with several blanks, each offering four options to choose from. Your task is to select the word that best fits each blank. This question tests your reading and writing abilities.



  • 1 point for each correct blank


Number of Questions: 5 to 6 questions
Number of Blanks: 5 to 6 blanks
Recommended Answering Time: 2 to 2,5 minutes


Write from Dictation:


The “Write from Dictation” question presents you with a sentence that you must write down exactly as you hear it. This assesses your listening and writing skills.



  • 1 point for each correct word


Number of Questions: 3 to 4 questions
Number of Words in Each Question: An average of 11 words
Recommended Time to Answer: 1 to 1.5 minutes


Interdisciplinary Tasks


You may have noticed that all the tasks mentioned above assess more than one skill, for example, Writing and Listening.

This is a crucial point to highlight because these questions can affect multiple score bands on your PTE Academic test.

Now that we’ve covered the most crucial questions, let’s explore other important questions within each section:


Speaking Section:


While the “Describe Image” and “Retell Lecture” questions are less important than the mentioned ones, they still hold significance and can contribute to your overall score. 


Writing Section:


In addition to the questions mentioned above in the Writing section, you should also focus on questions that are not found in this section but will impact your score. These tasks include Fill in the Blanks (Listening) and Fill in the Blanks (Reading and Writing).


Reading Section:


In the reading section, “Re-Order Paragraph” and “Fill in the Blanks – Reading” are also relevant and should not be ignored. 


Listening Section:


Finally, in the listening section, “Fill in the Blanks – Listening” is of utmost importance. Following that, in terms of importance, you will find “Highlight Incorrect Words.”


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