Top 8 European Universities That Accept PTE Academic

Top 8 European Universities That Accept PTE Academic

Embark on a journey of academic exploration as we delve into the realm of top-tier European universities that recognize and embrace the PTE Academic. Unveiling a world of educational opportunities, you will navigate through renowned institutions that welcome PTE Academic scores, fostering a diverse and global learning environment. Discover how your English language proficiency opens doors to excellence in higher education across the vibrant landscape of Europe


What is PTE Academic?


PTE Academic, an English proficiency test known as the Pearson Test of English Academic, serves as a cutting-edge computer-based assessment designed to measure and validate your English language skills. 

Whether you’re an international student aiming for overseas studies or an individual pursuing global career prospects, PTE Academic offers a comprehensive evaluation of your linguistic abilities.

Structured over two hours, PTE Academic assesses your speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills through various task formats.

With question types ranging from multiple-choice to essay writing, PTE Academic provides a comprehensive measurement of your language proficiency—although it’s important to note that success in PTE Academic is more closely tied to understanding the exam’s structure and mastering its techniques, rather than solely evaluating your English skills. 

This approach empowers you to excel in academia, profession, and personal growth within English-speaking contexts

How the Best Universities are Measured


To identify the leading Australian universities that consider PTE scores, we will rely on the QS Global University Rankings, which encompass a comprehensive assessment of 1,300 universities worldwide. 

This ranking system is widely recognized as a prestigious global assessment of university excellence.

The QS Global University Rankings employs a set of five criteria to establish the rankings, encompassing academic standing, recognition among employers, research citations per scholarly article, the H-index, and the extent of international research collaboration.

You can learn more about the indicators here.


Top European Universities That Accept PTE Scores


Based on the QS World University Rankings, the top eight European universities that accept PTE scores and their global positions on the rank are as follows:


  1. University of Oxford – #1
  2. UCL (University College London) – #8
  3. The University of Edinburgh – #16
  4. The University of Manchester – #27
  5. University of Bristol – #62
  6. University of Glasgow – #73
  7. University of Southampton – #77
  8. Durham University -#82


List of European countries that acknowledge PTE Academic for educational pursuits.


  1. Austria 
  2. Belgium 
  3. Bulgaria 
  4. Estonia 
  5. Finland 
  6. France 
  7. Spain 
  8. Germany 
  9. Greece 
  10. Ireland
  11. Norway 
  12. Sweden 
  13. Denmark 
  14. Ukraine 
  15. Switzerland 
  16. Netherlands 
  17. Poland 
  18. Malta 
  19. Czech  Republic
  20.  Croatia 
  21. Lithuania 
  22. Latvia


Whether you aspire to study literature at Oxford, engineering at UCL, or history at the University of Edinburgh, your journey begins with the PTE Academic. This test, meticulously designed to assess a range of language skills, serves as a bridge between your aspirations and the world-class education offered by these European universities.


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