Unlock the tricks of the PTE Academic Reading Module

Unlock the tricks of the PTE Academic Reading Module

Armed with these expert tricks, such as ours at PTE Smart, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the PTE Academic Reading Test with confidence. 

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We will help you master collocations, prioritize FIB questions, minimize focus on Multiple Choice, manage your time efficiently, and approach Reorder Paragraph strategically. Check it out! 

  1. Master Collocations in your PTE Academic Reading Module:
    Collocations, word pairs frequently seen together, are your secret weapon in the PTE Reading Test. Understanding these word combinations enhances comprehension and equips you to tackle Fill in the Blanks (FIB) questions effectively.

    2. Prioritize FIB Question:
    Focus your attention on FIB questions, as they carry significant weight in determining your score. While Reorder Paragraph is important, prioritizing FIB ensures you maximize your points. Learn to identify missing words efficiently to excel in this crucial section.

    3. Minimize Focus on Multiple Choice Questions:
    Surprisingly, Multiple Choice questions hold less importance in the PTE Reading Test. Don’t let them distract you or consume unnecessary time. Instead, concentrate on mastering FIB and Reorder Paragraph, aligning your efforts with questions that yield higher scores.

    4. Time Management:
    Strategically manage your time to optimize your performance. Prioritize FIB questions, and if time becomes a concern, allocate your remaining time wisely. While Reorder Paragraph requires attention, you should try and finish it faster, if you feel like you won’t have enough time to dedicate to the two FIB tasks during your reading test.

    Remember, success is not only in content knowledge but also in smart test-taking strategies. Apply these tricks, refine your approach, and elevate your PTE Academic Reading Test scores to new heights. And if you need some help, PTE Smart courses are here to help you enhance your performance!